Amor Timido (Shy Love) Part 1


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Finally free from the pairing clutches of my parents eyes, am in the university where I can now leave my live as I want, free of always being scrutinized. You wouldn’t understand because you never grew up in my family. My dad never created a chance for me to be seen talking with a boy within our area except in school. Forget my family issues and let’s go back to the business of today.
Oops am sorry I didn’t introduce myself at first, I am Desire Rawlings, a 25 year old pretty ass looking bitch, engaged though about to wed. I got admitted into the University Of Nigeria Nsukka (UNN).
I was admitted late, almost half of the semester had gone by. First day in school was one of a kind. I had great difficulty in locating most offices and blocks so as to finish my clearance and get my matric number.
I got to the electronic block only to find out that my admission letter had problem, I wasn’t the only person facing the same challenge though. We were five in number, 4 girls including me and a guy. We directed to a particular shop at western gate. We got to the shop only to find out that the owner of the shop wasn’t in. I was hell frustrated ah swear you couldn’t even imagine the level of my frustration that day. I had trekked my life out that day. Anyways I took it as a normal stress all 100level student face.
I was left with only Mr. Cute, the 3 other girls vanished. I wasn’t bothered though sha. After a while, still thinking on what to do and the next step forward, me and Mr. Cute decided to stroll down, we then entered a shop a business center though to hide ourselves from the face of the scorching sun. I just casually asked the girl who works they if they could solve the problem I had with my jamb result, to my greatest and utmost surprise she said YES! You wouldn’t at all understand the kind of cold water that ran through my spine.
She started the job, but they was a problem………..
She needed my ATM card to continue and I didn’t even have a bank account let alone an ATM card, I swear I felt like crying there. My mood was just fluctuating like Nigeria NEPA light. Fortunately for me Mr. Cute came to my rescue, he made use of his ATM card to pay for me of wish I repaid him with cash. But he never wanted to collect the money at first o maybe he was doing fresh guy or he was claiming sha ah don’t know for him sha.
So after everything I and Mr. cute finally got the chance to introduce ourselves, He was Jake Obi, from Imo state, in the Faculty of Engineering, studying Chemical Engineering
We talked and said a whole lot of things as he escorted me to the school’s main gate where I would board a bus that will take me back home, he asked for my number which I gladly gave him.
So after that day I and Jake started getting to know each other the more. Should I say I was crushing or falling for this guy?????? I just couldn’t answer that question then, and I guessed he felt the same way about me. He visits me and sometimes sleep over and me I also do same with nothing happening o am putting emphasis on this because of some people who thinks canal and abstractly. We behaved like brother and sister who had a big stone bulging in their hearts.
Finally first semester came to an end, I travelled back home it was fun though but I prefer school to staying at home moreover I had missed Jake like kilode! I was dying to see him same to with him. Our feelings were just so locked up that it started paining me. I had always dreamt and hallucinated how Jake would ask me out.
During the holiday period I applied for a scholarship to study outside the country, I told Jake about it sha but he took it as something unserious even me self.
School resumed, I couldn’t wait to see my dear Jake. One Saturday we went on a date or should say something that looks like a date???
It was fun though but……
It was fun though but I was expecting him to propose to me but he didn’t. what was holding him, why couldn’t he say the words, is he shy, doesn’t he love me, no he loves me but he is scared to say it, was what I kept on asking me, myself and I.


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