Amor Timido (Shy Love) Part 2


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The 2nd semester was drawing to an end when I got a phone call telling me that I have been offered admission to study my choice of course in Canada. I swear that was the best news of my life, I was so filled with joy, I called all my family and friends and everyone was just extremely happy for me except Jake. He was sad that i was going far from him and we might never get to see. He tried to discourage me but I had already made up my mind.

I travelled finally. I found it kinda difficult adapting to the environment more especially their climatic conditions. Moreover I missed Jake extremely much same thing with my family.

After my study year, I was employed in one of the biggest company in Canada, there I met this chocolate skinned hazelnut eyes guy who was from Nigeria. I just feel in love with him by mere staring at him, you could call it love at first sight. Later on I found out that he was Enugu, he is extremely nice, caring no dull moments with him and above all he was a very good Christian who behaved gentlemanly.

After three months of being friends, he proposed to me not just to be his girlfriend but his wife. I was confused, dumbfounded, name it all! I accepted him, and he brushed his tender lips on my sexily seductive soft lips no no no! He kissed me gently like I was in heaven. In short I don’t know what it felt like, I was dreaming and hallucinating because that was my first kiss in the entire life Desire Rawlings had lived on earth, o yes I was virgin then with my lips too .We started preparing to go back home to Nigeria where proper marriage rites will take place.

Back Home:

I went to a shopping mall, then I accidentally collided with this hot guy, lo and behold it was My Jake.

I hugged him eeeh ah even wanted to kiss him if not that I was somebody’s fiancé. We went to an eatery where we talked and chatted. Chai those feelings started coming back, those brown pussy eyes sent symphonies in my ear. I was about to leave when he dragged me back and hugged me soo  tight that he was about to kiss me, I stopped him halfway to the job, he apologized though, I then gave him my wedding invitation card.

Bloody hell the look on his face was killing like I committed murder. I asked him why the sudden shock ?

He called me a cheat that I was cheating all the while that I have been away, and I was like who am I cheating on, he then said Desire you cheated on me, you always knew how much I loved yet  you still went on to accept someone’s. I was like excuse me, you never for one day since I knew you asked me out to be your date or girlfriend we just mellowed our relationship as casual and mutual friends you were just extremely shy to express how you feel to a girl that you so much love you let me slip away from your hands just like that and now you have the fucking guts to tell me shits????? And with that I left. Am sure he never expected such from me I exploded like a time bomb. But to be sincere with you ah felt very light the grudges I have been carrying for long hand finally disappeared. I cried like a child because I had hurt someone whom I thoroughly love no matter what.

If only I had expressed my feelings for him knowing fully well that he was shy. I also blamed myself for it. I decided to tell everything that happened to Michael my fiancée, he understood me, calmed me down and I felt better in his arms.

Later on I called Jake at first, he didn’t pick, I then sent him a text apologizing to him, he then called me back and apologized to me after reading the text. He realized his mistake and apologized. We fixed a date again just before my wedding. We apologized again to ourselves after that we talked whole heartedly with all sincerity and transparency. When it was time for us to leave he wanted to make a last request, even me too wanted to ask him for just one last request,” please kiss me just once before you leave me”. this was also what I wanted to ask him too, o my gosh this kiss was so passionate, deep, romantic, hot, full of ecstasy and long I never wanted it to end, I never knew Jake could kiss like this I swear. We both cried after the shit sha. The eve before my wedding I introduced Jake to Michael. Michael was happy to see him same with Jake

When Jake was about to leave, he whispered into my ears and said you made the right choice, he is just a replica of me, take good care off him the way you would always do for me”, then he left, tears were just about to flood my eyes in no time.

Then the D- day arrived I was looking extremely gorgeous, everybody all dressed it was my wedding day you know. I danced and danced and danced eeh Michael cannot even dance self my brothers came out to dance with me, thereby making the wedding extremely fun and hot.  And there was Jake staring at me from a corner watching and admiring me.

During the end of it all Jake came close to Michael and said, treat my majesty like a queen that she is, always protect her, you are damn lucky to have this priceless jewel.

He then came to me and said I will be watching and taking care of you from afar like the way mother hen takes care of her chicks, be happy!. Then he left that was it mehn, I felt my eyes become watery again.

I never heard from him till a year passed. Then he came to visit me with his wife to be in my house of which I was heavily pregnant then. He introduced me to his fiancée and invited me to his wedding. I was so so happy that he was able to pick up and move on in life. My dear reader is the end of this particular section of my life story. Well I just have to say, if you know what you want don’t be too shy or timid too express, fight and stand up for what you want because you deserve it.


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