Dating your boss.. oya come and hear something


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  1. OK, OK, OK, …honestly it’s not that bad of an idea.

In as much as most organizations have Laws and policy against members of staffs having affairs or dating each other, dating one’s boss isn’t such a bad idea.

I mean, it, depends on the kind of boss though. Some people

turn out loving up their boss (in which case it’s OK if he or she is single and not MARRIED), others end up with their boss or a senior colleague due to the fact that they see each other /are with each other on a daily bases, he or she is probably the person you spend over 15hours with everyday, it’s OK to grow some sort of mutual feeling or affection for such a person.

What if I was in this shoe… Where I was in love with my boss…

How crazy can it get, let me explain…

* you wake up every morning, wondering what drama would happen today at work

*your major motivation for going to work becomes the person

*trust me you don’t want to mess up especially when the person is involved

*board meetings are avenues for you to crush the more

*your mode of dressing… Dictated towards the taste of the person

*the good news, you become the popular office gossip

Now when things seem to light up and work well for you guys and you might hit it off, here are the few points

*work becomes more fun for you, especially when you know there is a date after work.

*you always have to look your best, make up on fleek, original leather belt or wrist watch

*no more external crushes… It’s the boss property… Do not touch except you want to get the letter

*dual meetings to attend, and if you are like me who thinks meetings are boring and superficially long… Well it’s against you, you could keep licking your lips as he gives his presentation all through

*everyone would give you the look 🙄🙄🙄🙄when the boss comes to work picking on staff… Like sister… Wetin you and Oga do whey vex him or how did you manage to piss madam off this early morning, you didn’t touch her in the right places abi broda .

*you probably would have to take a few diss from the haters and your other competitors vying for that lucky position you are in

*lastly if you decide to upgrade your wardrobe or you get a salary increment…ya in hot soup, everyone would feel the boss spends company money which they work for, on you… Madam lucky or mister lucky.

What if things decide to go the other way around… One person likes the other but the feeling ain’t mutual… That’s kasala ohh…so let me explain…

*first… you don’t want to wake up to get dressed for work… it’s a whole emotion of hell

*You get to work every morning feeling like the whole world is against you🙃😣well you are right… It is. 🤣

*the boss gets edgy or angry at you unnecessarily 😡😬😠

*you begin to weigh your pros and cons in the organization 😒😒you start asking yourself…is it by force to work, If not for rent and megabytes

*any slight notice of downsizing in your organization your blood pressure would be doing gbish gbish 🤧🤧

*when you see that boss or that staff with someone else… Your heart go skrrrrrrrriiii pappapapapa, skibidddy pappapapapa… You examine the person head to toe and do small beefing in your mind

*God helps you, that you have to go on meetings with the person… #kuku-kill-me, all eyes on you, and trust me, you do not want to mess up

*you just give up one day and relocate to another organization but if ya the boss #jesus take the wheel, you cannot fire the person because it’s illegal, plus if the staff is mean… Omo legal suit maybe riding up your butt gradually.

Now let’s talk about the people involve in this love-my-boss matter.

Situations like this… You always have

*the boss

*The lucky staff involved…without any stress, love found her, salary increment is certain, even if it’s not by the organization

*the one who wish she was the one that got the toasting #after all this years of shaking bombom infront of oga

*the one that will hail you and support you because she think you will convince the boss to raise her salary

*the office gossip that just want to spread rumour because #amebo-is-lit

*the one that #work-is-bae and isn’t bothered about office affairs

#the one that will just be watching because office love is superficial, real bae is coming soon and someone is gonna get fired

Anyways… I believe it can only get better, not worse, dating ones boss is kinda of a cliche, it’s not a bad idea, neither is it a very resourceful idea… But sometimes this things happen, as we all know love is a beautiful thing and if it catches you in the corner… Well flow with it… It’s not so bad if my boss is dripping hot sauce either… Doesn’t mean I won’t date him, doesn’t mean I will either…

Drop your comments , follow and like… Share to other people and love your boss.


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