FALZ THE BAD Guy react to Neymar’s salary packet


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The world of football is still in shock over the money and salary Neymar would be getting from his current employer. PSG has paid over the odds for some of their stars but Neymar salary packet (£500,000) breaks the world Record which made our very own FALZ to react to the transfer

Meanwhile, Neymar has revealed that he did not change clubs because of the money instead, he wanted a new challenge. ”Leaving Barcelona was one of the most difficult decisions I made, but I have no regret because I wants new challenges in my career and I will do my best for my new club.” May we all find new challenges like Neymar did.
Convert that sum to Naira and Neymar will be earning over N235million weekly! Perhaps this is what made popular musician Falz release a video were he insisted his children must play football. Falz whose father is a lawyer also revealed that while he believes that careers should not be chosen for kids, he will make sure his children enjoy variety by playing in different clubs.
my child,any children am having must play this ball because they need to place their focus where focus is due,we have sufficient lawyer in our family,which music do you want to sing that they have not sing before,please just place your focus on this ball.The money is much,two weeks of football is 1million pound.Somebody will now say you should allow your child make their choice. i will not block their choice,they can still chose Manchester united, Barcelona ,Paris St German or Arsenal,there is choice for them He said


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