FLAVOUR AND THE BLIND SEMAH – dream fulfilled with love amidst tears of joy.

Flavour and blind Semah

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Few minutes after collecting my phone to check out some videos I recently downloaded, I noticed tears rolling down the cheeks of Oluchi (a friend of mine). I quickly left what I was doing to check up what was wrong with her.  Behold she was in that same ‘spirit’ I was when I first watched the newly released song video by Flavour featuring a blind boy.

The Nigerian music guru Chinedu Okoli, popularly known as Flavour took to his Instagram page to announce the release of his official video, MOST HIGH, of which he featured the little blind Semah G. Weifur of Liberia. The video has such a mood penetrating power that it sets thousands of his fans all around the world in such an emotional state that about 7 out of 15 persons would shed what I call tears of joy while watching the video. This is really true not just because of the great kindness the music star has displayed to little Semah to fulfil his dream but also of the message the music renders and for the great voice and talent that the Liberian kid exhibits. The video is really touching and inspiring.

But who is Semah and how did he meet with Flavour?

Semah G. Weifur is a young Liberian boy whose aspiration in life is to be a musician. Though he is blind and surrounded by poverty but he stayed focused in following the tracks of his music idol (Flavour). He is a talented singer with a great voice. As a super fan of Flavour, he can sing many of his songs even those of the Igbo Language.

During her visit, Mrs. Helen Sirleaf, a humanitarian met Semah who confessed to listening to Flavour’s songs on radio and then made a request from her stating “I can’t see you, but I can feel you. I know your song, but my dream in life is to meet Flavour and MasterCraft.” The humanitarian replied, “If you meet Flavour and MasterCraft what would you want them to do?” and little Semah answered, “I am blind but I want to be a musician, so I want to sing a song for Flavour.” Then she said to him, “one day, by the grace of the Almighty God, you will meet Flavour, you will sing a song, MasterCraft will record you and Flavour will promote you…”

Dream come true!

During his visit early this year at Liberia, Flavour visited an orphanage on March 17th where Semah did a song on the greatness of a mother, which he titled ‘Mama you too much.’ And on the 19th of March, by the arrangement of the humanitarian, Semah met Flavour and also sang his songs on the stage. It was a moment of dream come true for the little boy. And for Flavour, it was that moment an artiste finds himself so overwhelmed at how awesome some fans could be. This he shared via his Instagram page: “I made a new friend, Semah G. Weifur, he’s blind and sang my songs better than me…”

But Mr. Flavour N’abania did not end it there by just meeting Semah. He made plans to do at least a song with this blind kid. Two months ago the kid visited his music idol in Nigeria and they had a studio session together. The music star believes God joined his path with that of Semah and admits that the kid is so special, unique and talented.

After releasing a music video, Ijele, a few weeks ago, the Nigerian singer took further steps to feature little Semah in his official video titled MOST HIGH, which was released a few days ago. The musical video is really touching and inspiring as well. It is a must-watch for all I can say.

Flavour’s kindness has created a lot of positive impact in the lives of many all over the world. He is hailed as a hero for his collabo with a blind kid outside Nigeria. He has shown the world a positive side of the country.

Recently, there has been rumors about the government of Nigeria banning Nigerian musicians from shooting videos outside the country. I really question if this is a good idea… Well, let’s see what happens. For me, I really appreciate Mr. Flavour N’abania for the impact he’s made in the life of Semah and in the lives of many good people all over the world who love good things. And to Semah, I wish all the best. We hope to see more of you.


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