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Adeoluwa has entered one chance finally!!!


I didn’t have condoms with me and it was late to get one. Mehn what am i thinking sef, why am i looking for condoms mschewww……After about 15 minutes she then came out from the bathroom wrapped in my towel. She put off the light switch and laid beside me. She apparently didn’t have any clothes on. Before I could say jack…. My erection had manifested. But I vowed not to make the first move. About 10 minutes passed and no move was made. She then rested her head on my chest and put her left laps on my leg. And I thought to myself. “If we spend the night like this it won’t be bad.” nothing possibly can happen.

Then she said, I love you Adeoluwa I came to give you my body, please be easy on me, I am still a virgin.” I was put in a dilemma, I wanted her and I didn’t want her at the same time. I couldn’t think of what to say to her than “Tope I love you too.” It escaped me quickly before my thoughts. I was letting my heart speak not my head. I damned the consequences of tomorrow and embraced the passion of now. I had just less than a month to wrap of my service year and I needed to hold on to something to linger in the archives of my memories.

Oh no!!!! What just happened? The did had been done. I then put on the light and the bed sheet was stained with blood, it was a gory sight. She helped remove it and washed it that night. We both showered and laid on the mattress and started talking. I said to her. “What came over you?” She said. “My friend Bimpe got deflowered last week by a guy that never truly loved her. She gave it to him because she wanted him to stay. But I gave it to you because you are truly caring, loving and supporting. I have written JAMB exams 4 times and because of you I made it this time. My life would have be nothing without you.” I said to her. “Tope, I truly care about you but don’t you think that was too extreme?” She said. “It had to be you. It would have been with a guy that doesn’t deserve it. We have known each other for 3 months and you never asked for it. I have no regrets Adeoluwa even though we don’t end up together.”

I then said. “You are a sweet girl Tope.” She said. “One more thing. I said. “What?” She then said. “We have to do it one more time in the morning, my friend told me the more I do it the more I enjoy it. I need to enjoy you Adeoluwa I know you are finishing service soon and I won’t see you again. Please let me have the privilege.” I pondered for a while and I said. “Okay Tope, no problem.” So we did it again

I knew in my heart that if her circumstance was a bit better I would vow to marry her against all odds. I loved her…………

What could be the outcome of this lesson teacher turned boyfriend relationship?

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