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I loved her and I became so fond of her. We became more carnal and grew in intimacy. Everyday we engaged in lascivious delight and Tope began to enjoy the pleasurable ecstasy each time we entangled in the salacious act. After my service year had ended, I decided to stay back for a week so as to bid farewell to Tope. I knew everything we had was going to end as soon as I departed from Kogi state, and she knew that too. She couldn’t help but cried all through the last few days I spent with her. I felt for her, I was moved but I couldn’t change what fate had put before us.

The day I was leaving, she saw me off to the garage. As I waited for the vehicle to be filled, she was sobbing inordinately, her face covered in tears and her nose licking…. It was a sorry sight, I hugged her close and she cried out loud. “Noo…My life! My life! Oh God why?” I said to her. “Tope it’s okay baby, I will miss you dearly.” She then said. “What will I do now? Where will I start from? I cannot love anybody again. Oh God please…” I was able to calm her down and she stopped sobbing. We had already created a scene and people were beginning to say things. I then said to her. “Tope, please I need you to have this money,it is #12,000 get a good phone so we can keep in touch.”
She said. “Of what good will it be Adeoluwa? When I know I cannot have you forever.”

I then said. “Please Tope, I just need to know how you are faring, to know if I can help you with anything, to hear your sweet voice again. Please Tope it means a lot to me.” She took the money and she started sobbing again and she said. “Good bye Adeoluwa , good bye…”
As she ran away in tears. I stood and watched her fade away in sight. I had tears in my eyes and felt an emptiness within. The vehicle got filled and I embarked on my journey to Lagos. As I journeyed I reflected on the sweet moments Tope and I shared. I then realized they were the best times of my life and I felt privileged to have had such memories. I got home and met my family, everyone was happy to see me again. I sure did miss home and all the comforts, but nothing compared to Tope, whom I missed dearly. I knew I would probably not see her again and everything we had would only linger in thoughts till they grow dim with time.

A week passed and I didn’t hear from Tope, as I suspected. I knew she must have taken the decision to stay aloof, it must have been very hard on her. I had no option than to move on and face the reality before me. Through my mom’s connection, I was able to
secure a very profitable job in one of the biggest oil companies in Nigeria, in just 3 weeks after my youth service.

To Be Continued…

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