Help!!!!! my husband want to kill me


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So many life and enjoyment i had before getting married,i had never being subjected to follow any rules but my own. In the university it has always been my rule,i go for lectures when i want to,go to club,go to church i sometimes even chose when to go for lectures.

It has always been my rules my life,my decision. All this began to change when my mum started telling me about a man called Edozie, he was heavily built,with a smile that can make any girl wet but my problem with him is that he drinks a lot and can’t control his temper when angry, so i just brushed him off after my last paper in the university. Don’t get me wrong i have always been dating but the idea of getting married or settling down hasn’t occurred to me in recent years.

So i brushed the idea for a year after my National Youth service Corps (NYSC) which i did at the heart of Port Harcourt, a state rich in culture,tradition and flexing (if you know what i mean). After my service Edozie came again with an improved strategy.

He started asking me out without going to my mum for help, we went shopping,vacation,horse riding and even  he surprised me by taking me to calabar, since have always wanted to go for the carnival. Edozie went all out to make me happy but the feeling was not there. Paul has always been the love of my life but he traveled out to hustle for himself,after about a year we lost contact and that was when i was in my second year in school. I haven’t heard from him ever since.

Now the pressure is much from my mum and my friends to give in and marry Edozie. But the problem is that i don’t love him and i barely know him,i mean we have been dating for just a month. After much consideration i gave in saying to myself it cant get any worse.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm, i wish i knew better. The first few month was rosy and beautiful, Edozie was such a gentle man,he always allow me to do what i want to do,when i want to and how i want to do anything.

Then it all changed one evening,he came back really drunk and smells of marijuana something i never knew he was doing before. After much shouting from the both of us i calm down hoping it was one of those nights. He slept in the parlor,so i try as much i can to make him comfortable that night.

The night trend continued, i was not happy with it and it was affecting me emotionally. I asked him if there was something wrong in his shop,he didn’t answer me. One morning i was in the kitchen washing dishes when i heard strange sound coming from the parlor,i dashed out only to find out that my husband threw the tea saucer at the wall. Curios,i asked him what went wrong and he just slapped me saying why would i prepare a hot tea for him and that don’t i know how i like his tea

I was confused and perplexed, i begged and dashed in to prepare a warm tea which he didn’t take,he just dashed out and drove out. The slapping and beating trends continued even though most times i don’t know why am being beaten. I have gone to the hospital on several occasions now, i hardly go out to see my female friends or do what i like doing anymore,the worst part of this is that i don’t know what i did to offend my husband.

Just last week i saw Paul in the same hospital i went to treat myself. He was surprised seeing me, we exchange pleasantries and after much conversation we exchange numbers. Paul is about to get married,he was at the hospital for blood group test.

We started chatting on whatsapp and i found my joy with him again, he said he still loves me and am not sure how feel about him based on the fact that am married, Edozie is behaving like a possessed spirit and he is about to get married.

Now am confuse on where to stand.Please help me with some encouraging advice, the Author is close friend of mine so i ask her to paste this for me without my name.


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