Is Your 8-5 Everyday Job Really Worth It?


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Berger – Ojota – Cele – Maza-Maza na the only place wey I go stop o, our driver was shouting as we approached Lagos.

I visited Lasgidi aka “eko or LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES” recently and immediately we entered Lagos/Ibadan expressway, it was as if we had landed in another republic ; hold up everywhere, people in a hurry jumping from one place to another, others at the bus stop looking for a means to go home by 10PM at night especially civil servants.

The next day I was off to the Oladele Olashore street in Victoria Island, I had to wake up as early as 6 am for an appointment by 8am, prepare, take the normal C.M.S route and endure the normal Lagos traffic. I came back home by 9pm and I kept on asking myself the same question, is 8-5 really worth it in the land of opportunities?

They say all paid jobs absorb and degrade your mind, it’s like a chronic illness; it doesn’t happen immediately, it’s a slow process.

An average Nigerian spends 9 hours working, 6 hours sleeping, 3 hours worrying and 3 hours on the road. That is just 3 hours left for leisure, 3 hours to live your life.

Why do we keep running away from Virgin states in the east looking for investors like Owerri, Aba and Enugu to the most populated state in Africa where there are more people than the basic amenities and jobs there. Why not invest in the South East and live a stressfree life?

Do you know that out of the population of white collar workers in Lagos, Nigeria.

63% can’t afford to own a car without support

75% haven’t acquired any landed property

88% are totally dependent on their monthly salary and

90% are not happy with their jobs

Ask yourself this question: if I lose my job today, what next? What do i fall back on?

Don’t be that person that wakes up and realizes that all through his or her life, what you gave so much devotion to was modern day slavery and at the end of the road, we don’t want to look back at our lives and realize that the time we could have spent living a good living a good life was spent in an underpaying and overworking job. The target is to work smart and not long, do less and gain more.


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