Official Press Release For siK Shoes and Sik online stores


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siK shoes, one of the leading manufacturer of hand-made shoes in West Africa today announced the launch of her online store. The company, which prides itself on crafting unique one-of-a-kind shoes, will tie up with GIG logistics to ship its products across West Africa.

The luxurious siK footwear collection delivers “the fashion of Italy without the cost” and captures the latest styles and detailing from the leading trend centers of Europe at a price that reflects today’s reality. From work to play, the siK Man is ready for any adventure since he always looks good in their classic designs.

The siK Man is a forward-thinking individual with his finger on the pulse of modern fashion, able to see where the trends are headed and make any style his own. He appreciates a brand that isn’t afraid to be bold in its design, and his take-charge attitude is reflected in every piece of clothing that adorns his body. Only high quality men’s shoes can appease his fashionable appetite, and #siKShoes is ready to deliver a high-end design for any occasion.

Keep your sights set on #siKShoes. Their cutting-edge designs will set the fashion world ablaze as the urbane man upgrades his style all at an affordable price. From gorgeous loafers to exceptional boots that aren’t out of anyone’s price range, #siKShoes is setting a new standard for every man to follow.

For order placement, call, text or whatsapp @ 07039426841, we deliver nationwide within 10 working days @ most using GIG logistics. Home delivery is also possible in Lagos, Jos and Port Harcourt.
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