Reasons ladies cant resist being a side chick


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The term side chick is a strong word youth use to deceive and create a peaceful relationship between the two parties involved.

The trend started early 2014. I first noticed it when a friend had multiple girlfriends in his lodge with the girls aware that he has a girlfriend(main chick)
Which begs the question “is side chick more important than Main chick”

Side chick according to wiki is a mistress, a woman one dates in addition to one’s girlfriend or wife,usually in secret.
Call her the other woman, the homewrecker, the mistress it makes no difference because she remains the side chick.

Here are five reasons ladies cant resist being a side chick

1.The guy is close friend to the girl and they usually don’t say No to such guys knowing fully well that he is dating and some cases they are even friends with the guy’s main chick.

2.The guy always have their back Emotionally,Financially and morally.They usually feel indebted to such guy which makes it difficult to say NO.

3.The girl in question feels connected to the guy and start having feeling for him regardless if the guy is dating someone else.

4.Some girls just love to be free without having to commit to any guy therefore they are side chicks to many guys (beware of such girls).

5.The both parties unknowingly have sexual intercourse (either when they are both drunk or one party takes advantage of the other) usually its always the guy.

Which do you think is the most likely scenario?


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