The mystery behind cat sun glasses


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Have you ever wondered what the cat eye sunglasses is all about. The cat eye sunglasses is a trend most ladies rock without knowing  much about the origin or how it all came to be. It dates back to 2004 when the movie Cat woman acted by Halle Berry.

The cat eye glasses is also Known as the “Manhattan”, “Harlequin” and “Upswept glasses”, cat eyeglasses made their grand appearance in the 1950’s. Thanks to socialite and inventor Altina Schinasi, her artistic expression took glasses from the lifeless utility they were, to the fashion-centric accessory they are today. French artisan Pierre Marly also made a considerable contribution to the popularity of cat eye glasses. He broke rules of design with the implementation of new materials.

When cat eye glasses were introduced, it added style, color, flair and fashion to this age old utility. Women were motivated to wear glasses and choose colors that complimented their eyes, hair and facial features. Cat eye glasses were popular all the way into the 60’s, until rounded glasses entered the scene and grew in popularity. Yet, its recent comeback in 2013 makes it clear that cat eye glasses show no signs of distinction. These classic and vintage frames will continue to serve as a beauty accessory for fashion forward women.



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