Three things to avoid when shoe shopping


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An average Nigerian girl wants to own the latest shoes or clothing accessories that comes with social media trend. So the mistakes is inevitable. Buying shoes can be an obsession to some, a necessity to others and a headache for the rest.

The social media and Celebrities rock most of these styles and fashion after much consideration from their stylist and fashion expert. The thought of having the latest shoes,handbag and cloth makes an average Nigerian lady make big mistake in choosing these accessories.

Here goes tips to avoid those mistakes

1.Know exactly the color and size of shoe you want

Most times its always about the trending and color forgetting the fact that what fits Jane might not fit Janet. its imperative to go for shoe specific for the occasion in mind.If it happens the shoe size is not available in the store, you can always shop for better fit shoe with another color.

2.Know how far you are willingly to spend on a shoe

I most times laugh at loud when i hear ladies lamenting on how they over spent on a shoe,cloth or handbag. You don’t necessarily have to spend your last dime on a shoe you would end up wearing once a twice,its sickening the way ladies can go overboard for a pair shoe that they don’t need in the first place. The money can be better utilize to buy an all round color of cloth to match the shoe.

3.Trending shoe might not be your thing

A lady once told me “i cant bear this anymore and i was like whats that,she said this shoe is killing me”. she was obligated to get the shoe she never wanted to get just because most of her friends wore the same shoe to a wedding. If you are the office type of person,what time do u have to wear such shoe.Go to the store be confident and pick a shoe that suits your clothing don’t be shy to ask for help from the store keeper or sales lady

Style lesson: Buy shoes that fit. Return them if they don’t. Do not let designer shoes confuse you – if they are a waste of money, save the money you could potentially waste on poor fitting shoes and buy shoes that fit like a glove



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